Telemedicine Visits with ENT Specialists


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We are pleased to offer telemedicine visits for patients all across Texas.  With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting most of our communities we want to provide efficient access to our providers in the safest possible way.  Many common disorders in our practice can be treated in this format.  

How To Schedule Your Visit

You can schedule a telemedicine visit by emailing your request to

You can also call our main office phone M-F 8AM-12PM and 1PM-5PM.  (972)253-4280

Conditions We Can Treat with Telemedicine:

Allergies--Spring time means allergies for millions of people.  We can help manage your allergy medications and order diagnostic testing for food and respiratory allergies. 

Sinus Infections--most sinus infections can be diagnosed based on an accurate and detailed history taken by one of our providers.  We can prescribe antibiotics if indicated and set you on the best course for short term and long term relief.

Sore Throat--we can help determine if a sore throat is most likely due to an infection or another condition and guide your treatment accordingly.

Earache--Ear pain is one of the most common reasons for visits to our providers.  We can do our initial evaluation via telemedicine and treat with medication if appropriate.  If an office procedure or hearing test is required urgently then we will arrange this no later than the following business day.  

Voice/swallowing--Our specialists will assess your symptoms and determine which additional diagnostic tests/procedures are needed.  If your situation calls for an endoscopic examination of the vocal cords then we will arrange this as soon as is medically appropriate.  Likewise, if radiologic testing is needed for evaluation of swallowing difficulties we can arrange this. 

Dizziness/Vertigo--Dizziness can be caused by numerous conditions and is best diagnosed by an accurate history from an expert clinician.  Our providers will narrow down potential causes and prescribe treatment or testing as is appropriate to provide relief. 

Referrals from PCP--If your primary care doctor has referred you to an ENT doctor we would be happy to see you.  We can review your history and previous medical records and determine the next steps in your care.  For example, if you have been diagnosed with a thyroid nodule and need follow-up then we can determine if a biopsy or surgery will be necessary and facilitate that process.  

Follow-up on Treatment Plan/Test Results--if we have seen you previously and initiated a treatment plan then we can follow-up on your status and determine next steps.  For example, if you have been treated with medication for sinusitis and need to determine if additional testing or surgery is needed then we can review this with you in your telemedicine visit.  Likewise, if you have had an imaging study such as an MRI and CT scan and need to review your results and next steps in your care then we can handle this most efficiently with a telemedicine visit.