Pediatric ENT Care


Ear Tubes

Ear tube placement is the most common surgical procedure for kids. It is highly effective at resolving middle ear infections.

Tonsils and Adenoids

Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy is the second most common surgery for kids. It is performed to remove enlarged tonsils/adenoid that are causing breathing problems or for chronic tonsil and adenoid infections.

Pediatric Allergies

Kids can suffer with respiratory allergies starting as early as age 2. We can test younger kids with blood testing and older kids with skin testing. Sublingual drops for allergies is an excellent treatment method for kids. 


Pediatric Hearing Testing

We can test pediatric patients for failed hearing tests including newborn hearing screening and kids who fail hearing tests at school.  We also perform hearing testing for kids who suffer with recurrent or chronic ear infections because this can affect how will treat these patients.