Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery Dallas Fort Worth


Thyroid Disease

Thyroid nodules are commonly found lumps within the thyroid gland. Nodules need to be carefully evaluated because, while most nodules are benign, some are cancerous and need to be removed surgically.

Parathyroid Disease

Hyperparathyroidism is a condition that is caused by one or more overactive parathyroid glands resulting in elevated calcium levels in the bloodstream. Symptoms may include fatigue, constipation, bone/joint pain, frequent urination, kidney stones, depression, high blood pressure, and mental sluggishness.


Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid surgery is performed to remove malignant thyroid cancer, to aid in the diagnosis of nodules, or to relieve symptoms from nodular goiter (enlarged and lumpy gland).

Parathyroid Surgery

Parathyroidectomy is performed to remove one or more diseased parathyroid glands. The abnormal effects of hyperparathyroidism are instantly corrected with successful surgery.